Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 26th, 2021

This privacy policy is intended to explain how OmniXM handles your personal information as well as data that we collect. Our goal is to keep this very short and simple, hence we have broken it down into sections, so that you can quickly find relevant answers.

Please note that this privacy policy applies to all the products, services and websites offered by OmniXM, except where otherwise noted. We refer to the products,services and websites collectively as 'sites' in this policy. Surveys and polls are created by the businesses (or by OmniXM staff on behalf of the business) on our sites and customers / consumers respond to those surveys and polls. The survey responses may be referred to as survey answer(s) or review(s). Unless otherwise noted, our sites are provided by OmniXM, which is registered in the United States.
Now to the important stuff:

Business Owners:

  • Business information that you submit: OmniXM at its discretion may show the name of your company under OmniXM’s customer list on its website and as part of various marketing material promoted via social media, conferences, etc.

  • Staff / employee information: We never display, share or sell this information. Only accounts that are authorized by you can have access to this information

  • Personal information that you submit: We regard your personal information with utmost privacy and we will never display, share or sell any of your personal information such as phone numbers, email, name, address, etc.

  • Surveys: All the company / personal data used in creation and usage of Sentiment Catcher, polls and other surveys is never shared with anyone other than the business owner and other individuals / groups authorized by the business owner

  • Aggregate reports: OmniXM may use the survey responses after stripping / anonymizing all data that contains any personal identification such as company name, email, phone number, name, etc. That way we ensure there is no direct or indirect reference to your business or any entity / individual associated with your business

  • Security: We use SSL certificates to ensure the data is safe while in transit and at rest. Our servers are located in the United States

Customer / Consumer:

  • Personal information: We never display, share or sell your contact information

  • Responses you provide: Any information such as name, phone number, email address, etc. that you may provide as part of your response will only be shared with the business you are providing the response for and will never be shared, sold, or used for any other reasons

  • Data retention policy for personal information collected via our omniCXM platform: Any and all information that is deemed personal information is always encrypted both in transit and at rest. Our data retention policy is set to delete any and all personal information every 12 months, with the only exception being any and all local, national or international laws that mandate us to retain the personal information for less or more time. Anyone can email us at and request for their personal information to be removed with proper identification at any time.

Questions? If you have questions or queries regarding our privacy policy or practices, then please feel free to contact OmniXM by emailing